Special Needs Network, Inc.

Parent Advocacy Mentor Program (PAM)


This eight week 25-hour intensive training program provides parents and caretakers with the tools necessary to become more effective advocates for children with special needs.  They are also taught how to be mentors to other parents with children with disabilities. Designed for both beginner and advanced advocates, the program focuses on understanding systems of care, accessing regional center services, developing successful IEPs, public speaking, community organizing and coalition building.


Classes are FREE and held quarterly, on alternate Saturdays. Child care, breakfast, and all reading materials are provided.




Certificate of Achievement

Congratulations! You have Successfully Completed 25 hours of  Intensive Parent Advocacy and Mentoring Training
in Special Needs Network’s Parent Advocacy Mentor Program (PAM)

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To sign up for the next cycle of PAM, please e-mail or call 323.291.7100.