You are our children’s best chance.

Special Needs Networks delivers free resources, support, and world-class therapeutic services to thousands of children and families. For many children, SNN means the difference between a lifetime of institutionalized care or the chance to grow, thrive, and work toward living independently.

But we can’t do it without you. 

Donors like you make our programs possible. Here’s how you make an impact:

  • $50 pays for two backpacks full of essential supplies for students starting out the school year. 
  • $100 provides 90 minutes of Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) therapy for an uninsured child. 
  • $250 covers a month of fresh produce and groceries for a family facing food insecurity.
  • $1000 sends a child to a week of sports, arts and academic enrichment at Camp JPAC.

Our contributors have helped make Special Needs Network the “go-to” advocacy organization for autism and other developmental disabilities. Joining us means being part of an organization that has earned accolades and support from the community and religious leaders, state, local, and national elected officials, and leading special education professionals. 

Your contribution ― in any amount ― brings transformational change to the lives of children and families. Please join us today.