Youth Employment Leadership and Empowerment + Accessibility (YELEP+A) 

To address the high rates of unemployment among our people with disabilities (82% in 2022), SNN has embarked upon a work source development program to create a clear pathway to employment through an employment preparation training program for youth and young adults between 16-24 years with intellectual/developmental disabilities. We will, through collaboration, create an opportunity for these young people to experience equity through competitive integrated employment in environments conducive to their interests and abilities. Our training will include workshops on job readiness, self-awareness, financial literacy, and interpersonal skills development with the appropriate support and resources needed for them to attain the best possible living outcomes.  

This year-long program will include work experience in our Summer Camp JPAC for many. Through partnerships with Employment Specialists, Job Coaches, and Independent Living Specialists, participants will receive 1-on-1 coaching and mentoring. 

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