Stepping Stones 

Reaching underserved children in their early years 

The first few years of a child’s life are a particularly sensitive developmental period — especially for children with developmental disabilities. But for many children of color, in particular, this critical window closes before they can benefit from diagnoses and services.  

Stepping Stones identifies and serves children of color ages five years old and younger who are at risk for developmental disabilities.  

The program: 

+ Aims to remove barriers and system inequities and barriers to services and support  

+ Delivers critical services to help children improve communication, motor, social, emotional and behavioral skills 

+ Provides parents with support, information, and education about child development, disabilities, their rights as parents of children with disabilities, and how to secure services and advocate for their children.  


Stepping Stones provides an engaging, welcoming environment for therapy, learning, and social interaction. Other critical services include speech and language, occupational, physical, and Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) therapies.  

As with all our programs, a family component allows family members and caregivers to build the necessary skills to support a child’s progress. All services are culturally and linguistically competent.  

Stepping Stones builds on SNN’s deep history serving marginalized children with disabilities and their families.
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