Dedicated to a lasting impact in her memory

Bonnie A. Berry, the mother of SNN Board Member Bonnie Berry LaMon, knew the importance and impact of a helping hand. There were moments in her life when a little bit of help would have alleviated a whole lot of stress. And it was out of that awareness that she found ways throughout her life to quietly extend a helping hand to others who were struggling.

The Bonnie A. Berry Memorial Fund scholarship will provide just that kind of support in the times when a parent who is stretching to take care of the family’s necessities is confronted with an extra or unanticipated expense. Like Bonnie herself, the fund will deliver financial assistance with compassion and without judgment, whether the need is paying a debt due to job loss, a medical bill, the new apartment rent deposit, or the cost of a child’s school trip.

Bonnie knew that part of life is navigating stressors and challenges, all the more so for families raising children with special needs. Just as SNN is here to help in every way it can to ease those difficulties, The Bonnie A. Berry Memorial Fund exists to lighten a parent’s load in a moment of challenge, so they can return their focus to caring for the children they love.

If you are currently facing a challenging period and are in need of support,
please know that help is available. You’re not alone in this journey.

Donations of all amounts are welcomed.