Evening Under the Stars 


What a fantastic evening. Your support were the real shining stars.

Event Highlights
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“Last night was more than a surprise for us. SNN sees my son as a youth leader and I am beyond proud. SNN sees that Chris perseveres in his passions and in life. “It takes a village to raise a child.” SNN continues to be in his.” 

– Michelle Smith

“About Last Night …… the party was a hit it was fire.  I love the vibe from the bee boppers at the entrance. But the black hip-hop violinist was amazing he added so much to the vibe and the energy in the room. The food and desserts were delicious. That was definitely a different type of party. It felt like a scene out of a movie. It was also great to see lots of people I hadn’t seen in a while. Tell your producer and your team that works on the event they are the bomb !!!! Xo” 

– Guest

“Sis!!! Last night was so awesome…. OMG!!  I’m excited about the journey ahead. Still lost for words. I’m already promoting Pink Pump. ” 

– Guest

“Sis, people are excited to be out! Although, EUS was probably the best attendance I’ve seen for a gala recently. MALDEF dinner half the room was EMPTY. You couldn’t even sneak out. Location was great and hip! I hope you are resting today after last night. Had so much fun. Thanks so much for the invite! It was such an amazing event. We loved the spirit and the love of last evening…  what an innovative cutting edge venue and theme ” 

– Guest

Although summer is still upon us, here at Special Needs Network Inc we are already excited about what the fall will bring… and I’m writing to share that we have officially started to gear up for a spectacular annual Evening Under the Stars gala!

Evening Under the Stars brings together hundreds of A-list businesspersons, community leaders, philanthropists, celebrities, and elected officials of Los Angeles to make a statement that children with disabilities matter! We look forward to celebrating the truly exceptional leaders who have lifted us up as we continue to serve hundreds of thousands of families and children with autism and other disabilities throughout Southern California. 

For more information

Please contact Maya Van Peebles Barclay at Special Needs Network if you have any questions or comments, or if you are interested in Sponsorship opportunities, volunteering, or would like more information please call: 323.943.0397 or email: maya@snnla.org