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This comprehensive training program is modeled after Areva Martin’s book “The Everyday Advocate” and was turned into an online educational series for our signature PAM program. This series is tailored for parents of newly diagnosed children, advocates, and medical, educational, and human service professionals including social workers, teachers, child care providers looking to expand or learn the early steps in becoming an advocate. If this is you this is a “must take” online program.



Session 1: Early Diagnosis. In this introductory video, you will learn about autism, how to get an evaluation for autism, and about the key behaviors that may indicate a developmental disability. This video also shares tips for preparation, documentation, and advice to help parents when pursuing a diagnosis and coping with the difficult emotions of grief.






Session 2: Call To Advocacy. Learn the seven principles of advocacy and take action to make positive change. Learn to communicate, educate, and balance between family and advocacy. Lastly, we break down some recommendations for life skills and empowerment circles for your special child.


Session 3: The Therapy Maze. Learn to use your advocacy skills when navigating the maze of complex institutions and services. Early intervention is your child’s legal right and you can learn how to exercise it. There are a lot of different types of services you can receive. We’ll cover the most common so you can discuss with your service provider what works best for your child and learn strategies to deal with the cost.


Your Child’s Education. After early intervention, transition to your school district and take your advocacy toolkit with you. Break down the parts of an IEP (Individualized Education Program) and learn your legal rights in the process to get the best services and supports for your child. We’ll walk through the different placement options available through an IEP and other non-public school settings. Review the timelines and conflict resolution strategies that are part of the IEP process.


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