By D.L. Hughley Foundation…

He still reigns as one of the Original Kings of Comedy. Whether his show is on the road, radio, film, or television, D. L. Hughley has established himself as a veteran entertainer, producer, and commentator. D. L. has been seen on major networks like Showtime, Comedy Central, and CNN, heard on The Tom Joyner Morning Show as well as dominated the afternoon drive radio airwaves with his daily themed show aptly named after him.

When D.L. isn’t making you laugh until your sides split, this comedic king is committed to helping those less fortunate in disadvantaged communities. The D. L Hughley Foundation in partnership with the Special Needs Network, Inc. was able to use his celebrity status to donate 10,000 toys to Los Angele’s most deserving – children with autism, special needs, and/or living in foster care.

“Too many families are frightened about their livelihoods, safety, and security in this post-election America. Now more than ever, we need to rally together and show each other love and support. That’s why I’m partnering with Special Needs Network for 4 weeks of Christmas giving. It’s the perfect opportunity to spread joy in the midst of a grey and an uncertain time”, explains D.L. Hughley

Items were distributed on Sunday, December 18th at the Special Needs Network, Inc.’s Christmas Care Exchange Brunch hosted by fellow comedian and actress Kym Whitley. Attendees enjoyed Christmas caroling, live music, dancing, holiday arts & crafts, games, and photos with Santa.

Much can be said about the number of lives that are impacted when organizations that serve the least harness the star power of the fortunate few. Celebrity advocacy is a vehicle by which a sincere “ask for support” gains momentum, persuades others to also give generously, raises money while also raising awareness.

Celebrities and influencers have the ability to reach their fans and followers, encouraging them to support worthy causes. Studies have shown athletes, movie stars, and newscasters are associated with the largest increase in public donations.

Philanthropic organizations and those they serve are not the only ones to benefit from celebrity advocacy. Celebrities’ voices on the issues of social justice, poverty, and human suffering allow them to send a message of “collective effort”. Seen giving enhances celebrity appeal. Being charitable adds polish and lends creditability to a celebrity brand.

Celebrities who serve and financially support causes believe in positioning themselves as accessible and in touch with the hardships many of their admirers may be facing. Celebrities are seen as community stakeholders, investors in a greater good when they collaborate with non-profits.


The D. L. Hughley Foundation is on a mission to support the efforts of change and movements of empowerment among individuals and organizations of marginalized communities. Partnering with the Special Needs Network, Inc. to provide Christmas gifts and outreach services to children and their families is a noteworthy example of leveraging celebrity advocacy to successfully support a great cause.