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The Blues Program

Support adolescents with autism facing mental health challenges

The Blues Program is a cornerstone of Special Needs Network’s efforts under the “Think Autism” campaign to address the intersection of autism and mental health issues like anxiety and depression in underserved communities. This internationally recognized program targets adolescents in grades 8th-12th, teaching them emotional resilience over six hours of classes. Through group sessions and home tasks, participants learn to challenge negative thoughts and explore coping strategies. The program is proven to reduce symptoms of depression for up to two years and decrease the likelihood of developing major depressive disorders. By integrating the Blues Program, Special Needs Network provides targeted interventions that enhance the overall well-being and functionality of individuals with autism, empowering their families and caregivers in the process.

Key Points:

  • Targeted Support: Offers specialized intervention for adolescents in grades 8th-12th to manage anxiety and depression.
  • Proven Effectiveness: Demonstrates significant outcomes in reducing depression symptoms for up to two years and lowering the risk of major depressive disorders.
  • Empowering Techniques: Engages teens in group sessions and home tasks to develop coping strategies and challenge negative thought patterns.