Special Needs Network, Inc.

Military Parent Advocacy Mentor and Navigator Program (MPAMN)

Through MPAMN, parents will learn vital information, techniques, resources, advocacy, and strategies for improving the lives of autistic and developmentally disabled children. They will also learn how to identify other families in need and serve as mentors for those families. This is critical in the transient military community, where families often lack traditional support systems such as close-knit family, long-term friendships, and religious institutions. As trained parent advocates, they will receive ongoing training and support for effective community organizing and advocacy, ultimately striving for legislative change and policy shifts.


Each session includes three hours of lecture and classroom exercises, reading materials, breakfast, and child care. Sessions are as follows:


1. Identifying the Early Warning Signs of Developmental + Related Disorders and Understanding Assessment Results.


2. Regional Center Overview: Laws, Decision Making, Early Start, Individualized Family Service Plan, and the Lanterman Act.


3. Regional Center Purchase of Services (POS) Disparities


4. Individual Education Plans (IEP’s)


5. When the IEP Process Fails: Mediation and Due Process


6. How to Identify Resources and Navigating Systems of Care


MPAMN is modeled after our signature Parent Advocacy Mentor program (PAM), one of the country’s most sought after developmental disability awareness and advocacy training programs for both parents and professionals.They will undergo an intensive six-session, 18-hour training program designed to introduce them to California laws, resources, and systems of care and equip them with the tools necessary to become effective advocates for their children. The program will be provided by our certified trainers on location at Los Angeles Air Force Base, Naval Weapons Station Seal Beach, and Naval Base Ventura County.