Special Needs Network, Inc.


Currently one in every 91 children and one in every 98 boys are diagnosed with autism; in California, two children are diagnosed every hour. Yet, recent budget cuts have slashed the state’s spending on disability services by more than $400 million, which makes SNN’s services even more imperative to low-income and underserved families. Our Joe Patton Summer Camp Program is the only no-cost camp offered to children with disabilities in South Los Angeles.


At Special Needs Network, we help build stronger, empowered families and communities. We know from experience that if we provide early diagnostic and intervention services to children that we can help them graduate from high school, in some cases matriculate college, and live independent lives.


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Special Needs Network is committed to providing our sponsors with a maximum return-on-investment through all of our avenues of visibility and corporate branding.. For more information on the many opportunities that are available to your organization, please email, or call 323.291.7100