Special Needs Network, Inc.


Advocacy is a core component of  all of Special Needs Network’s programs.   SNN engages  and participates in campaigns and initiatives designed to impact public policy for children and adults with special needs and their families because we know that advocacy makes a difference – whether it is on the grand stage of sweeping social change or in the everyday life of a single child.


Last year, we led the charge for insurance reform in the state by co-sponsoring SB 946, a bill that mandates that private insurance carriers cover autism therapies. We are currently working to eliminate state funding disparities  for children with autism in underserved communities and to ensure that daycare providers receive the requisite  training to be able to identify children with special needs. We also regularly sponsor and participate in community forums, lectures, town hall meetings, and conferences, and we make full use of all forms of media to raise awareness about developmental and other disabilities and to engage community participation in activities designed to improve the lives of children.


Interested in joining Special Needs Network in our activism? You can donate online, by mail, or by phone. Or check out how to invest your skills as a volunteer or an employee.