Naming Opportunites Available


$5Million Center Name
Naming rights for the entire Special Needs Network center.

$1Million Therapy Wing
A wing that contains 8 therapy rooms and a client evaluation room.

$500,000 Job Training and Entrepreneur Incubator
A space that will provide needed job skills training and technical, financial, and necessary support for small businesses for clients.

$300,000 Reception and Information Center
A modern and welcoming space that will be the first place that visitors and clients see as they enter the center. It will also provide a space for families to wait as clients receive services.

$250,000 Video Sound and Music Center
A state-of-the-art sound studio where clients will learn to record music, make soundtracks for television and film, record Podcasts and learn other emerging technology.

$250,000 STEAM Center
A state-of-the-art technology center where clients will learn to use science, technology, engineering, the arts, and mathematics to engage in experiential learning, problem-solving, and embracing collaboration and the creative process.

$175,000 Outdoor Wellness Court
An outdoor space that can be used for yoga, meditation, group exercise, dance classes, and other wellness activities.

$175,000 Outdoor Sports Court
An outdoor space that can be used for a variety of sports from basketball, soccer, touch football, and other sports.

$150,000 Occupational Therapy, Fitness + Training Gym
The therapy gym will offer occupational therapy for clients from 2 to 21 to facilitate the integration of sensory information so that clients can more easily process and understand the world around them.

$150,000 Life Skills Center
A modern skills center that will be equipped with a chef’s kitchen, home appliances, and other equipment to teach clients critical life and job training skills.

$100,000 Library and Community Resource Center
A resource center and library for parents, caregivers, volunteers, and clients.

$100,000 Conference/Coworking Collaborative
A gathering space for staff, volunteers, and community members.

$75,000 Teen Collaborative
A gathering space for teen clients to socialize with other teens and to learn critical life and social skills for success in school, home and the community.

$50,000 Elevators
(2) Public elevators that will take clients and visitors to the lower and upper floors of the building.

$50.000 Legal and Justice Center
A private space where volunteer lawyers, paralegals, and advocates will meet with clients and parents to provide legal support and representation.

$50,000 Open Air Coworking Collaborative
An open space for staff to work and meet with clients.

$50,000 Outdoor Garden
An outdoor garden where clients will be able to grow healthy vegetables that will be used for meal preparation in the Life Skills Center.

$40,000 Case Management Hub
A private space where social workers, case coordinators and advocates will meet with clients, parents and volunteers.

$40,000 Behavior Health Evaluation Room
A modern private space where clinicians will evaluate clients and meet with family members.

$30,000 Shared Workspace
An open workspace for staff.

$25,000 Lightwell
An open space that will allow light into the heart of the center and allow for clients, visitors and staff to view the specially designed and commissioned art on the first floor of the building.

$25,000 Clinic Director
A private office for the Clinic Director to meet with staff, clients and volunteers.

$25,000 Staff Lounge
A warm and welcoming space where staff can enjoy healthy meals and meet to celebrate birthdays, holidays and other events that enhance morale and a positive working environment.

$20,000 Therapy Treatment Room
(8 Therapy Rooms) Modern, private space to see a provider.

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For more information please contact 

Elizabeth Rulon
Director of Development

Telephone: (323) 961.9958


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