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Unique Communities

We are uniquely positioned and are committed to serving a wide-range of families from diverse socioeconomic and sociocultural backgrounds.


Families have to contend with a number of socioeconomic barriers which compound their diagnosis and access to high-quality care. Moreover, they often face many misconceptions, stigmas, and discriminatory practices that exist within governmental agencies, educational systems, and even amongst service providers. Our expert team partners with families in traditionally marginalized communities to help them overcome obstacles in obtaining diagnoses and accessing services. We educate and motivate parents to take the lead in their child’s care so that each and every child in our community can grow and fulfill his or her greatest potential, regardless of ability. By educating and empowering parents to take the lead in their child, teen or young adult’s care, we help unleash the unlimited potential that exists in each and every individual with a developmental disability or autism spectrum disorder.

ABA Direct Services


Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) therapy is currently the most effective, empirically based treatment for children with Autism Spectrum Disorder. SNN-ABA provides direct therapy in a one-to-one setting delivered by highly skilled and experienced clinical staff. During individualized therapy sessions, behavior-based principles and naturalistic teaching strategies are used to target maladaptive behaviors and increase functional skills with the goal of improving the child’s and family’s quality of life.

Parent Education + Training


In conjunction with ABA Direct Therapy, SNN-ABA places a strong emphasis on educating and empowering the parents of children with developmental disabilities. Through ABA Parent Education, parents are taught the same behavior principles and strategies used with their children during therapy. This allows parents to implement behavioral techniques outside of intervention, and teach their children to generalize the skills they’ve learned to a variety of environments and everyday situations.

Social Skills


During Social Skills intervention, children are provided with opportunities to interact and grow with their peers. SNN-ABA offers a variety of levels of social skills groups for clients from ages 3 through 17, focusing on age-appropriate play, social relations, conversational skills, problem-solving skills, and friendships.


Full Services

 Functional Behavior Assessments

Early Intensive Behavior Intervention

Intensive Behavior Intervention

Parent Education + Training

Parent Advocacy / Consultation

Social Skills Groups

BCBA Staff Training / Supervision

Cultural Competence

80-90% Bilingual Staff

Diverse Clinical Teams with Local Community Ties

Family-dynamic Focus

Culturally Sensitive Programming



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