Special Needs Network, Inc.

Autism Medical + Developmental Clinic


Special Needs Network, Inc. has collaborated with St. John’s Well Child and Family Center and a host of other prominent Los Angeles health and family community partners to build an Autism Medical & Developmental School-Related Clinic on the site of the proposed Martin Luther King Hospital medical campus in the Watts and Willowbrook community. Projected to break ground in 2014, this state-of-the-art facility will be a crossroad where the uniquely rich cultures and traditions of the South L.A. community will meet, and where families are placed front and center and provided the highest quality care available.


The Autism Medical & Developmental School-Related Clinic is our answer to the current inequities in South Los Angeles, where 30% of adults are uninsured and more than 14% of residents are unemployed, more than double the rate of West Los Angeles residents. Since 2000, five emergency rooms have closed, leaving only one full-scale ER/trauma center currently serving over one million residents in the nearly 100 square mile area.


The clinic will primarily provide a medical home for children with  learning, developmental and mental health issues by offering comprehensive assessments, ABA, speech and occupational therapy, and other needed services. The wide range of free or low-cost health and social services will target at at-risk and low-income youth and families and provide services such as family counseling, legal support services, and educational training for parents and caretakers.


Please join our efforts in bringing this medical home to fruition by making a generous donation to this cause. Our children and families thank you for your contribution.